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Victor Ollervidez

I am professional Web Designer & Web Developer.
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Hi My Name is Victor!

I'm just a normal guy living down in the tip of the Great Lone Star State.

I spend my days pondering the meaning of life and how to make it better with code, I also enjoy video games and relaxing with my guinea pig.

I graduated college with a degree in Multimedia, but i'm mostly a self-taught programmer. I'm a life long learner and enjoy finding new ways to enhance my development workflow.

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Skills & Attributes


My Specialities

Web design

I like to create modern, and user-friendly website.

Front-End Web Development

Using the internet's greatest magic tricks!

Education & Jobs

Aug 2015 - Present
Web Developer
City of Pharr Innovation & Technology
Freelance Web design & development
Corner of my one bedroom apartment
Jan 2011 - Dec 2014
Associates Degree - MultiMedia
South Texas College, McAllen, Texas



Hobbies & Interests

  • Gym
  • Cars
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Art
  • Videogames
  • Breakfast Tacos
  • Beer
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Pharr Intl. Bridge
Web Design / Web Development
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City of Pharr
Web Design / Web Development
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Web Design / Web Development
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Rio Grande Guardian
Web Design / Web Development
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RGV Spotter
Web Design / Web Development
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Web Design / Web Development

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